the journey + the process

in my career canvas program, we will create total clarity, reclaim your power, build confidence, and own your worth. this is a 3-month collaboration that begins with the 6 lessons below. i am with you every step of the way and, together, we will shift how you show up in your life, your career + in a job search.


    creating clarity + confidence.

    We'll look at how connected you are to your intuition, your values, and your priorities. These will lead the way.


    exploring superpowers + skills. 

    We'll explore fears, frustrations, and potential blind spots. Then we'll dive into your superpowers and transferable talents that light you up.  


    adding in your personality.

    We'll discuss ways to optimize your materials, your Resume, LinkedIn and Cover Letter template (aka your personal brand).
    This is how we stand out.


    applying with purpose + intention.

    We'll touch on three different application strategies, as well as tools to stay organized and templates for quick, personalized outreach, proven to save you time and generate more responses.


    telling your story + preparing questions.

    We'll review interview prep, your elevator pitch, what questions to ask, and how to prepare for the tough questions.


    asking for what you want + getting it. 

    We'll talk about salary research, thoughtful ways to ask for more money (we always ask for more money) and other things to negotiate.




A custom job application tracker to stay organized, tricks for how to find hiring managers and decision-makers, and tools to locate their work emails for direct follow-ups.


Templates to save you time and energy, specific for application follow-ups, cold networking outreach, thank you notes and more, so you never have to write an email from scratch again. 


A 3-page preparation guide with suggested research to prepare for each interview, the questions to practice and the questions to ask that will make all the difference. 



Talking points about how to navigate the salary question. Advice on how to counter offer, when the first offer is received and how to ask for more than just money. 


support + pricing

all career coaching options are 3-month collaborations




or 4 payments of $825

3-hour clarity kickoff

slack + video messaging

(6) group sessions



Group Coaching + 1:1 Support


or 4 payments of $1,365

everything included in the group program (left) with:

New Resume, LinkedIn Profile,  Master Cover Letter Template

(3) 1:1 sessions

Private Coaching

created for women who are looking for more personalized support and more flexibility in the start date and meeting cadence (weekly or bi-weekly sessions).


(only 2 spots available)

START DATE: Flexible


or 4 payments of $1,650

everything included in the group program delivered 1:1 with:

New Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Master Cover Letter Template

(9) 1:1 sessions

Kelly was instrumental in helping me land a job that was an absolute perfect fit. She guided me to think more strategically about how I represent myself, how to boil down to the relevant information for the circumstances, and generally boosted my confidence in the process. I highly recommend Kelly if you are considering help in your professional search. She listens and she gets it.

Sarah Jean, Marketing & E-Commerce Leader

Kelly’s there to coach you through difficult situations. I honestly don't know if I would have navigated through my job search without her. There were days I wanted to give up and settle for something that I knew I could do versus doing what I'm doing now. I made the right decision and not looking backward, saying I wish I did. Honestly, invest in yourself, and the rest will follow, especially with Kelly as your number one fan.

Kirsten Schlumbohm


Kelly gave me the tools to always get back to who I am, always get back to my purpose and remind me that I'm more than enough. If you are thinking about taking Kelly's class, all I can say is it was the best investment I've ever made in myself. It truly changed everything for me. The way I look at my personal life, my professional life. It led me to a career where I am flourishing and my personal life now has what it deserves from me.

Kaitlin Dover


Being able to work with a group of women and understand that you're not by yourself is so helpful. Kelly has such a gift for putting your story on paper. She also helped me with my negotiation process for my new job. She maxed out what I possibly could have gotten and I don't know if I could have done that by myself. I cannot say enough amazing things about Kelly.



Leisel Guy


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